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Coach Tulin

Plus size health and fitness motivator. More sassy than classy. Cute face, thick waist, chubby legs, and in shape. Unafraid to speak her mind.

5 Fitness Tips For Plus Size Women

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Connect with Coach Tulin and her followers on Facebook as she shares her journey, tips, tools, modification, and motivation. Coach Tulin interacts with her followers here daily asking and answer their health, fitness, and mindset questions.

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Fit Has No Size Podcast has finally launched!

Join Coach Tulin as she talks about all things related to plus size women on their journey to fit. From fitness, to fashion, to fun, this is something you are not going to want to miss!  Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and coming to Spotify!


Coach Tulin has been sharing her journey to fit since day one as part of her commitment in sharing that #FITHASNOSIZE … raw, real, and open. With over 2 years of photos and short videos sharing modifications, Coach Tulin shares her heart through images.

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With over FOUR MILLION views on YouTube, Coach Tulin shares her raw journey so that other women can know what the plus size body moves,, sounds, and looks like. Filled with modifications, motivation and workouts.

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